Alberto & Veronica Castelo Molina


When I was 19 years old I received Christ into my life and then decided to attend Bible school. It was there, in 2002, that I met and married my wife Veronica. We have 2 children – Joel (6) and David (5). After finishing Bible school I joined a church in the San Quintin Valley. Two years ago I became a pastor in the Church of God, in Las Casitas, where the Bible is the center of our teaching. Our church has been growing slowly and people are changing their old ways.


Support Teams can provide:

  • Teach crafts to the Sunday School class
  • Show us how to do puppet shows, dramas, etc for outreach
  • Music
  • Some computer training

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • His wife and her back problems
  • That the children with peer pressure and their faith in God
  • May their marriage be blessed by God to share on vision and heart to do God’s will

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • That the church may have consistent leadership
  • There are several men who are net yet coming to church
  • Vehicle for transportation
  • That God would provide for the adjoining lot
  • There is a need for bibles and a photocopier