Benny & Angelica Lopez Vasquez

I have been married to my wife, Maria Angelica Lozano Herrera for 14 years, and we have 3 children – Esli Areli (13), Gilberto Shadai (11), and Benny Amisadai (11). I came to know the Lord when I was a child, as I was raised in a Christian orphanage. I got baptized when I was 14 years old and I started in the ministry of praise and worship. Then the Lord called me to be an evangelist, and now I am pastor of the church Love International.

The Lord is working in a marvellous way in our community, saving souls. Primarily we are in need of your prayers, but also resources such as Christian literature.

Support Teams can provide:

  • supporting us in prayer
  • Christian literature – books, Bibles, magazines, etc.
  • visits to our church and activities with the youth and children

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • That God would grow our faith

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • for the pastoral ministry
  • for the communities surrounding the church Love International