Carol Taylor




Hi, my name is Carol Taylor. As a teenager I had the opportunity to go on a short term missions trip to Mexico which changed my life forever and set a trajectory for my future.

On my second mission’s trip I started hanging out with an interesting guy from our youth group – 10 months later I married him.  Our connection to Mexico and short term missions continued throughout the years as our four fantastic children entered our lives.  When our youngest was 5 we moved to Mexico as full time missionaries, living there for the next 6 and a half years and working with a missions organisation.

This is where we started working with Stoney Creek and got to know Rob and Brenda and developed an instant connection. We were always impressed with the impact the Stoney Creek groups had in the community and how well their organisation ran.  We jumped at the chance to work with them whenever we could. 

In the mid 90s, through a rather strange event, God had given us the name of a city – St Albans, England.  We had considered moving to England at that time but rejected it for a number of reasons.   While living in Mexico as missionaries God gave us that name again and it just wouldn’t go away and so in 2009 we finally set out to see what it was all about.  In September of 2010 we arrived in St Albans with a 5 year working visa in our pockets.  I began work as the Assistant to the Children’s Pastor at St Albans Vineyard Church and then moved into the role of Children’s Pastor and Personal Assistant to the Business Manager.  My time as the Children’s Pastor has been fantastic.  I had been developing and honing my organizational and administrative skills for a number of years but in this role I really started to recognize my giftings, to grow in them and to realize how useful and even crucial they are to an organisation. 

I am so pleased to be working with Rob and Brenda as their Executive Administrative Assistant and to be spending time back in Mexico. Though I have lived and worked in Mexico I know that this will be a new adventure for us all. I look forward to using my gifts and experience to further the ministry and I look forward to working with such a great team who are dedicated to furthering the kingdom of God.