Elia Mendez Alevedo

Elia Lilia Mendez Alevedo

I grew up Catholic and very conservative. While at the Orphanage Church I saw the Jesus film and have not been the same since. I learned what Christ did for me, that I was forgiven and that day I surrendered my life to Christ. The next day the world became colorful and I went into the street and started to preach the gospel. Several months later I started to support the orphanage.

I know that God has called me to serve and I have been doing that for 10 years now here in Zepata. Although I have gone through many trials and suffering, God is always faithful and His word has power. With God all things are possible.


Support Teams can provide:

  • Help me with organization
  • Go visit the people, even the sick
  • Provide food (beans; rice); sewing machine; school supplies
  • House repairs

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • For two children to come to know and serve the Lord
  • A reliable vehicle
  • God continue to use me for His service

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • Children to grown in their spiritual life