Garbage Dump

On a mountainside, on the outskirts of the town of Nuevo México, lies a garbage dump where many families and individuals make their home. Some of these people work at the dump sorting trash into recyclables or collecting aluminium cans, while others try to simply survive. Those who live there often do so because of psychological issues, mental illness or spiritual bondage; many have nowhere else to go. In many cases the people at the dump have hit rock bottom and view themselves no better than the garbage they live in. OLOCM serves those at the garbage dump by partnering with David (read more below) and providing nutritious meals for those in need. This paves the way for beginning relationships and opportunities for evangelism.    

We partner with David Ornellas, a man who runs a ministry at the dump. Him and his wife both have degrees in environmental studies and agriculture, so he knows the danger of these types of dumps. Not only to the environment, but for the people living in them.

It is his dream that these dumps will one day be shut down and be replaced by proper government facilities. But for now he does what he can to get families and children out of the dump and into safer places to live. When you come down on a trip you will have a chance to partner with David and help him for a day with his ministry.