House Builds

Throughout the year, many Canadian teams come down to Mexico to serve with us on short-term trips. As a team, they raise funds to build a house and provide a needy family with a place to call home. Through our connection with the local church, we find the need and match a team with a family so that throughout the week the team not only builds a home but also builds relationships with the family they are building for. For many of these families, receiving a house like this is unimaginable and they weep with joy as they open the door for the first time. This is a very practical way that OLOCM is providing relief for the immediate needs of families living in poverty.

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One of the important works of OLOCM is to support and build unity among the pastors of the San Quintin Valley. We have a network of 45 pastors whom we work with to identify the families with the greatest need. There are many factors used in the selection process:

  • the current living conditions of the family

  • the life situation and family background (ie. is there a widow or single mother?)

  • the prevention of further trauma to women and children at risk

  • the ongoing care and support of those who have been faithful in the church and community who would not otherwise have the means to build their own home


The house that your team will build is a very simple wood home with a slanted roof. No special skills are needed for construction – even if you have never picked up a hammer in your life, you can still build this house.  If your group is larger, you may want to consider building a second house or becoming involved in other current ministry.  When you arrive at the job site you will see that the slab has already been poured. 

  • It is a 20×22 foot concrete slab with one door and four windows.

  • Most teams spend 3 or 4 days building with a minimum of 4 to maximum of 20 people.

  • Your building supervisor will supply you with the tools you need, ensure you have all necessary building materials, and provide continual direction for the construction process.