Isais & Tomasa Ventura Villa

In 2005, due to some family problems going on, I was practically thrown towards the feet of Jesus. It was a really beautiful experience because since the beginning we had an immediate connection with the brothers & sisters of the church we started attending. In 2006 I received the call to be pastor, so I started a small gathering in my living room. In 2007 we started building a church due to such accelerated growth, and now, by the grace of our Lord Jesus, we have a church and we continue to grow and expand according to the will of God.

My wife Tomasa and I have been married for 25 years and we have 5 grown children.

God is working in such a beautiful way, but there are still so many needs, both physically and spiritually.

Support Teams can provide:

  • homes for families who don’t have one
  • activities with the church or the youth

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • My family is divided – my older two daughters don’t want to come to church, so I ask that you pray for them and for us, that we would keep pressing onward.

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • Cover us with prayer, because we know that God is everywhere, and if two or three come together to ask for anything, it will be done for them.