Jonathan & Ivette Mendez Mendez

Jonathan&Ivette Mendez Mendez

I have been married to Bibiana Ivette Castillo Canedo sincve November 29, 2002 and we have one son Emiliano Mendez Castillo (15 months). At age of 11 gave my life to Christ and 13 was called to began missionary work. When I turned 18 I joined fulltime missionary work at YWAM International and went on to finish Bible school in YWAM Montana.

In 2006 God called us back to San Quintin and have been serving the body of Christ in Bible Schools, churches, Youth Camps and local ministries in the area of teaching, training and supporting them in practical ways.

Support Teams can provide:

  • Provide training and equipping us to meet our needs and those of the community
  • Hosting and financing workshops
  • Teaching on spiritual gifts and talents
  • Evangelic training, such as drama, puppets, clowns
  • Continue to partner with the local ministries in every project you do so there is follow up in your service and you do not create a dependency

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • Physical health
  • Divine protection over my family

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • For unity among local ministries and churches
  • For leaders committed to serve and give 100% for San Quintin