Jose & Aurora Gonzalez Gomez

I married my wife Aurora Castaneda Lozano 40 years ago, and we have 6 grown children. They are Lilia (36), Veronica (35), Judith (32), Elisa (25), Eva (24), and Adan (24). I met the Lord 42 years ago, and through some hard experiences, God has kept me at his side with my family serving the Lord.

God is working in the lives of people, reaching them, healing them, and bringing back to the path those who had turned away from it. The most important needs in this community are the spiritual needs, to be interceding for more souls to come to the feet of Jesus.

Support Teams can provide:

  • Other than your spiritual support, other ways of helping would be to fill some material needs in the community.

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • the health of my wife
  • that God keep uniting us as a family

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • that every day God would continue to affirm the hearts of the people in the church in following His path
  • that God would give us the energy to continue in his work