Katherine Timms


I was introduced to missions abroad through Stoney Creek Expeditions when I went on my first trip to Mexico in Grade 9. I fell in love with the culture and the amazing people I met, and felt a nudge from God to focus my education in that direction. I was given my first opportunity to work in my field (Latin American Studies) when my husband Duane and I volunteered with OLOCM in the summer of 2014. After working with teams and translating that summer, I felt affirmation that I was doing what God had created me to do. This past fall, we moved to Chilliwack and I was elated to join the Stoney Creek Expeditions team soon afterwards. I am very excited to see the ways God is working through Stoney Creek and OLOCM in the Baja and I want my work to bring glory to God and facilitate life-change through the Holy Spirit for everyone involved.