Neil Oslund: Bookkeeper


As a teenager, I always loved numbers, so I figured what better way to use this gift than to become an Accountant. Once I graduated, my career took me overseas where I lived and/or worked in many countries such as: Peru, Kenya, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Costa Rica to name a few. Living in these countries, I was able to see firsthand how third world families do not receive the benefits that we in the West take for granted. I tried to help wherever I could, especially donating to the elderly and the orphaned children.

I had always wanted to be a part of, for lack of a better word Missions, but was never sure where to get involved. When my wife, Judi and I moved to the Chilliwack area and started attending Yarrow Alliance Church, it was like I was consistently being prodded by God. This is where I met Tim Rivers (OLOCM board member), who was talking about trips to Mexico with One Life. My interest was tweaked and so Judi and I decided to join the next trip.

This past summer I heard about the need for bookkeeping help with One Life. I figured, well, I am an accountant, and I am retired, and I have always wanted to help in something like this. In August I began working in the area of Accounting/Bookkeeping for One Life. In hindsight, from the first time we attended Yarrow Alliance, God was pushing me towards One Life, and I am so grateful that I followed.