Pablo & Guadalupe Ramirez Reyes

God saved me on October 13, 1977 at a men’s retreat in Ensenada. After that I began attending church, and for 4 years I was discipled then trained at Grace Bible Institute in Rosario. God has permitted me to enjoy his salvation and grace up to now, and he permitted me to plant this work, Spring of Living Water Church, on October 29, 2001. I married my wife Maria Guadalupe 2 years ago, and now we run a breakfast program for children as well.

God has worked in a wonderful way in my community and has saved souls through the Gospel. I see the glory of God through what he is doing here, I see the need to continue preaching the gospel, and I see the need of many children that need to be fed physically and spiritually.

Support Teams can provide:

  • Help provide food for the children in the breakfast program
  • Support with materials for teaching the children
  • Support with homes for poor families
  • Teams to work with/teach the children

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • that God would give me physical & spiritual strength and wisdom to continue preaching the Gospel
  • for my marriage
  • for a strong unity in the church

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • that they would be strongly impacted by the Gospel
  • that they would persevere in the struggles and the trials
  • that the surrounding people of the community would be moved by the Holy Spirit