Pablo & Maria Acosta Soberanes

I married my wife, Maria Elena, 23 years ago and we have two grown children – Paola Libni (21) & Kenia Yasmin (16). I had been born into a Christian home, and since I was a boy I attended church, but at the age of 16 years old, Christ touched my life and I repented and was baptized. Since I was young I felt the calling to be a pastor and after I gave my life to God the calling to ministry became very strong, so since 1991 I have consecrated myself to pastoral work. I now am the pastor of the First Apostolic Church in San Quintin.

The Gospel of Christ is changing lives, and I believe that as a church, we have been called to encourage people to reach fullness in every area of their lives.


Support Teams can provide:

  • prayer
  • New Testament Bibles to be able to distribute
  • homes for those who don’t have them
  • medicine & vitamins, clothing
  • school supplies
  • projects within the church

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • For financial blessing, as being a pastor, I am dedicated 100% to the work of the church, and often the finances are insufficient for my family. Also that my family would be divinely covered.

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • That God would give us success and strength, and that this community would become sensitive to the Word of God for them.