Pastors Meetings 

One of OLOCM’s biggest focuses is to come alongside the indigenous ministries of the valley and to provide support and encouragement to the ministry that is already happening. All of One Life’s ministry happens through connections with local pastors and leaders as we form relationships and work alongside them.

Once a month, OLOCM hosts a meeting for all the pastors of the valley, together with their spouses, to come together for a time of worship, prayer and fellowship. Our goal is to provide a place of refreshment and motivation for these pastors that are so often in need of spiritual support and to foster a spirit of community within the pastors and churches of the valley.

We are seeing God draw more and more pastors together into community and support of one another and we pray that this continues in order to reach the people of this area for Jesus.


About the Pastors

Excerpt from Rob Walls blog post “Guess We Die a Fool”.

“The lives of Mexican Pastor couples humbles me to the core. They work in the field all day for about $12 per day (and that’s a good wage). In the evening, they take off their dirty clothes and clean up from some of the hardest work you can imagine. They have no shower like you or me, but only a washbasin at the edge of their yard. Grabbing a guitar that is missing 2 of the six strings, a few vegetables, and some small treats they can’t afford, they joyfully walk out of their house to minister to those who have so much less than you or me. The homes they visit are often made up of nothing more than a few strands of plastic and a little cardboard. Quite similar to what they just left.

In Mexico, almost all of the Pastors don’t get paid for their evening work. Yet, they freely give to their neighbors through basic needs, counsel, and encouragement. Because, Christ is the center of their hope! Everything is not their own…even when they have nothing. They understand the urgency…It challenges me as I’m learning that more is less and less is more.”