One Life One Chance Ministries would like to connect with people committed to praying over this ministry. We believe that God uses our prayers to directly influence His work. Because of this, if you feel led to pray and have a heart for this ministry, please consider entering into a partnership of prayer with us. 

We respect your privacy and recognize that prayer is something between you and God; however, we would like to know who our team is, especially as we have prayer requests. If you would like to be added to the prayer list, please let us know here. Either way, we are grateful for your prayers. May it bring healing to families and people in need of God.

Give Thanks:
• For teams and individuals who will join us in San Quintin this spring
• For our staff teams in Mexico and Canada as they work out the mission God has called us to each day
• For the guidance that God gives us as we follow Him
• For the pastors and churches we partner with in Mexico
• For people like you who participate in this Ministry through prayer and financial support

• For the families who will receive new, secure homes this spring
• For OLOCM as we press ahead with plans God has for us, in the face of spiritual opposition
• For pastors in San Quintin to be strengthened as they meet daily and spiritual needs in their communities
• For continued staffing needs in Mexico: House Parents for the House of Refuge and Operations Manager for the Ministry
• For the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed boldly in San Quintin

Join our Prayer Team!
Contact Trish Wiens at: ac.ec1521261430nahce1521261430noefi1521261430leno@1521261430hsirt1521261430 to learn more.