One Life, One Community, One Kingdom



TRUTH in Scripture
With truth being relative in our culture, we need an anchor, especially as it defines our faith.


Prayer needs to be at the core of everything we do. Not including our Saviour in every conversation, whether spoken or not, negates the relationship we ask others to do in His Name.


HELP not Hurt
In our eagerness to help, it is important that we do not create an atmosphere of entitlement. As we invisibly build into existing indigenous ministries, we need to allow the work of the local church to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus Christ.


SUPPORT the local Church
We support existing, local, indigenous churches and seek to encourage and support them as they serve the community. God has raised up men and women in this culture to reach their people for Jesus Christ.


UNITY for the Churches
As we participate in the work God is doing, our prayer is always for unity of the Church.
Especially as we all serve under one King and Saviour.


SERVE the Poor
It is our responsibility to give back to those who have less. Even our Saviour, who had no physical means, gave back what he had. To meet not only physical needs but also to journey with people to meet the deeper spiritual need of a relationship with Jesus Christ.


We are all broken, but the LORD gave us new life through Jesus Christ. Through His Love and example, we will model His life to restore the spiritual, physical and basic needs of everyone we encounter as He leads. Sharing the Good News of a Saviour that not only has the power to bring hope, but save all of humanity from eternal separation.


All were created in Christ’s image and we desire to treat everyone with equal respect, especially as we work in foreign lands and are visitors to another culture. We agree to put aside our culture and work within the way God is using the indigenous Church.


As we are a body of believers in Jesus Christ, impartiality is at the core of everything we do. We shall not prefer one side or denomination. But, in all things, work only with those who are anchored to the Word of God and are Evangelical in nature. OLOCM will always be non-denominational, and a safe, neutral place for Christ-followers.