Victoriana Zamora Aguilar

By a miracle of healing I converted to Christ in 1982. I studied the word of God in Tecate, and in 1986 I was called to the pastorate in the valley of San Quintin where I find myself now in service of the Lord. I see God restoring lives, reaching people through signs and miracles. The primary needs are 1) teaching of the Word of God, 2) working with single mothers with many children.


Support Teams can provide:

  • Programs for the children
  • In prayer and intercession to break down strongholds of witchcraft, sorcery, fortune-telling and idolatry so that they may be translated to the kingdom of light in Christ Jesus.

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • For reconciliation, restoration and healing in the Lord

Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • Pray for all the spiritual blindness, alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, domestic violence, and the apathy of believers.